The Deadly Exchange

What is the deadly exchange?

The deadly exchange describes a series of exchange and training programs between the Israeli Defense Forces and American police, FBI, CIA, ICE, and even campus security. These exchange programs are often billed as training American forces in counter terrorism tactics, but are really about sharing the worst and most brutal tactics and controlling and oppressing people. BU has its hands in this too—and its time we put an end to it!



Since 9/11, thousands of American law enforcement officials from hundreds of cities have trained in Israel with Israeli police and military and Shin Bet (the Israeli security service, like the FBI in the U.S.). These trainings are billed as “counter-terrorism” trainings by experts, but Israeli police, military, and security are notorious for their brutal tactics and violations of civil rights, especially those of Palestinians. Through security conferences, workshops, and exercises, these exchange trainings facilitate sharing the worst tactics and technologies between Israeli and American law enforcement agencies.

These include expanding the surveillance state, shoot-to-kill practices, deportation and detention, attacks on human rights defenders and journalists, racial profiling, and “crowd/riot control”—the use of tear gas, water cannons, rubber bullets, and even live ammunition to disperse protests and demonstrations.

These trainings are not about safety and security for the people. They are a means for the elite and powerful to maintain their power and for justifying brutality and blatant violations of people’s rights.

BU's Complicity

On December 3rd, 2017, officials from Boston University attended the National Counter-Terrorism Seminar, or NCTS. According to a 2016 itinerary, the Israeli officials at this seminar include the former head of the Israeli Security Agency, which has been condemned by the UN for torture. Details regarding what is taught at this seminar are not made public, demonstrating a concerning lack of transparency.

Boston University has never publicly disclosed its participation in this program, nor in any other similar program. Indeed, its participation in NCTS was reported by a 3rd party. This secrecy suggests that more exchanges of this type have occurred or are planned to take place in the future, a troubling prospect.


Location of the Deadly Exchange

These exchanges occur all throughout the U.S. For a more detailed list, click here.

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The Deadly Exchange


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